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Exclusively Treating the Hand, Wrist, and Arm.

Hand Therapy.  What is it?  What is a Hand Therapist?  Why do I need a specialist?  It's just a finger, right?

Many people who have suffered what they thought was an insignificant hand, wrist, or arm injury came to know the critical difference made by seeing a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT).

A CHT specilizes in treating only the upper extremity.  A CHT is an Occupational or Physical Therapist who has successfully passed advanced training in hand, wrist, and arm rehabilitation.  There are over 100,000 therapists in the US, however, there are only 4,500 Certified Hand Therapists Worldwide.  A CHT has advanced specialization to assure maximal recovery from your injury. 

In order for you to be seen by Specialized Therapy, your Doctor must write a script for hand therapy.  If your Doctor needs to speak to us, please have him/her call us at 740-264-7505.   

                                                                              Services Provided
                                                                     Individual Treatment Program 
                                                                     Personalized home program 
                                                                     Diagnosis Education 
                                                                     Monthly Progress Reports 
                                                                     Custom Splinting 
                                                                           Static splints 
                                                                           Dynamic splints
                                                                           Pre-fabricated splints    
Specialized Therapy has the Steubenville / Weirton areas ONLY  Certified Hand Therapist.  Don't let just anyone treat your arm, wrist, or hand.  Get Specialized Therapy and experience the difference.